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Blast Horn noisemaker is the most innovative and loudest sound-producing device on the planet. Make some serious noise at your favourite sporting event, be it Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey or Soccer.

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Blow a little bit of air into your Blast Horn and prepare to be the center of attention. Noisy enough to make you heard above the rest and small enough to carry in your pocket. This horn is louder than any conventional air horn, stadium horn, refillable horn or pump horn. Order now while supplies last.

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If you are not completely satisfied with your Blast Horn, simply return it for a complete refund - no questions asked. We are so confident you are gonna love your Blast Horn, we will even refund the shipping and handling charges.

Technical Specs:

Warning: SUPER LOUD! Mouth-operated with light blowing,
130 decibel sound, can be heard over a two mile radius.
Environmentally safe. Great for Sporting events, boating, hiking, safety & security.
Totally rust-proof. Meets all U.S.C.G regulations.

Shipping details: Allow up to 10 days for Blast Horn to be delivered.


Very Freaking Loud air horn probably as loud as official FIFA 2010 World Cup Vuvuzela soccer (football) horn but smaller. This noisemaker can be used as a Stadium Horn, Soccer Horn, Basketball Horn, Baseball Horn, Football Horn, Hiking Safety Horn, Marine Safety Horn.

This horn is used to cheer for New Oreans Saints, Montreal Allouettes, LA Lakers and many other great sport teams.


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This loud hend held air horn can be used in emergency situations during hiking or as a safety equipment for small marine boats. This collest airhorn doesn't require gas refills, maintenatnce or special storage. It is one of only few air horns on the market that are water resistant and it meets all the loud noise and loud air blast regulations. Why buy expensive gas air horns if you can have this extremely loud sound effects from this small hand held noisemaker can make stadium sounds that are herd 2 miles away. Using this bad boy can air horn canin the can produce noises of up to 130 decibel sound. It is perfect for any sporting event such as NHL, NFL, NBA, Soccer or NBL and can be used as a stadium horn noismaker for hockey games, football games, soccer games, baseball and basketball games. Make the creaziest very freaking loud sounds in the stadium and be THE center of attention with this sports noise maker. This noise maker has been and will be the only noise maker used by hight school footbal, soccer, rugby, hockey, baseball and basketballl fans. Get this soccer horn, football horn, baseball and basketball horn for you and your friends today instantly purchasing online.

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